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Apple’s New Software Update Could Help It To Avert iPhone Ban In China


Apple’s New Software Update Could Help It To Avert iPhone Ban In China
Following a recent ban by a Chinese court on sale of its iPhone model in relation to a patent violation care filed by chip maker Qualcomm, iPhone maker Apple Inc now claims to have created a software solution that would enable it to address the possibility of a sale disruption because of the ban and provide a solution to the court in relation to the allegations brought against it.
In a statement issued to the media, the US tech giant claimed a software update would be released by it “early next week” which, according to the company, will be able to address “the minor functionality of the two patents at issue in the case.”
Pending agreement and approval from the court, it Apple is able to implement this software update, it would mean that the company would not have to stop sale of the iPhones that have been included in the ban – from the 6S model to the most recently launched X series, but would be able to continue their sale in the largest market of the company outside of its home market of the US.
A Chinese court had concluded that Apple was guilty of infringing the patented rights of two of Qualcomm’s patents in China. These are reportedly related to two features in the iPhones included in the ban and are related to resizing pictures and managing applications. Following the ban announced by the Chinese court, Apple had issued a statement to the media claiming that the most recent version of its software - iOS 12, is such designed that the two patents of Qualcomm at the centre of the ban would not be infringed upon. If the claims of the company are true then a simple update of the software of the ban affected iPhone models to the latest iOS 12 version would suffice to satisfy the court and absolve the ban and infringement allegation. A request for reconsideration in a higher court in China over the ban has alreayd been filed by Apple.
However, the ongoing dispute between Qualcomm and Apple is not likely to come to an end by the software update. Apple has claimed that it wants to settle the issue with Qualcomm. But it is apparent that Qualcomm does not want to settle the case easily because just a day ago, the chip maker has requested the court for extend the injunction on sale of iPhone to include the iPhone XS and XR models which are the latest model of Apple phones which had the iOS 12 version of the operating system pre-installed in them. It should be mentioned that iOS 12 is the same version that Apple claims can help it to get out of the patent infringement allegations.
The court case over the breach of patents between Qualcomm and Apple ongoing in China is but a part of a greater battle between the two companies which is spread in many a number of countries across the world. On earlier occasions, there have been attempts in the US to ban the sale of iPhones and has also alleged that its source code was stolen by Apple and later shared with its rival chip making company. In its reply, Apple has on multiple times suggested that the entire issue is being over dramatized by Qualcomm.

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