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Apple sets for digital healthcare


Apple Inc. published a report detailing a strategy in the digital health markets: on the one hand, the company aims for integration with existing health systems and on the other hand, wants to engage customers through fitness and health-tracking capabilities.

Apple presented a thorough summary of its strategy to healthcare markets in the report for the first time in the eight years since it started providing services like the medical data storage system on the iPhone.

For the purpose of doing extensive formal medical research, the business also started collaborating with organizations like Stanford University Medical School.

A significant portion of the work included the Apple Watch. According to Apple, the business is concentrating on providing users with a secure location to save their health data on their iPhones utilizing devices like the Apple Watch.

It seeks to warn users of potential dangers and nudge them toward good health. The watch may inform a chosen person the emergency contact list when a health concern is present, warn of heart problems, and do a number of other things.

Apple said that its system can now store 150 different kinds of health data, all of which are encrypted and only accessible by people, not Apple.

source: nypost.com