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Apple takes up to develop Apple Watch for health monitoring


Apple decided to take a good care of their user’s health: the company announced hiring of new employees who will develop sensors to monitor vital signs.

The so-called "wearable devices" is an extremely attractive niche for IT-giants. According to IDC, in the next four years this market will actually double and exceed 220 million units. And Apple is clearly determined to become its leader, in particular, thanks to its smart watch.

Now, Apple Watch as a health gadget can mainly measure the pulse, but it seems that the company intends to introduce a much more complex manipulation. At Apple Watch presentations, it is noticeable that the American corporation focuses on health. Now, the company is looking for someone who will be able to lead the direction. Now it is very much expected that Apple Watch will learn to measure blood pressure and sugar in the blood. For today, this is probably the two biggest tasks that Apple sets to itself in order to integrate them into the smart watch.

Bloomberg says that in the future, Apple is going to embed the function of ECG in its watch. The device will read the heart rate and tell the owner about possible problems. Another sensor, which may appear in Apple Watch, will measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

If the manufacturer can fit all this in the single device, it will be a revolution. Wearable devices are actively developing in the sphere of Home Care, when, for example, a chronic patient can wear several types of devices that measure his vital signs. Generally, such patients do not need either a doctor or a nurse, only the remote control of these specialists. Apple is now making a revolution, because a device that will monitor all the indicators is something that no other manufacturers can do. 

The idea is simple and ingenious. With just one small gadget, the user can monitor his condition in real time mode: how the heart works, how the blood sugar level changes, and what happens to the breathing. Such a device can become extremely popular, given how fast the number of those who aspire to a healthy lifestyle and active longevity is growing.

However, such a gadget will not replace a visit to the doctor and specialized medical equipment. Still, professional devices operate at a different level and have a different quality. But each person can monitor his condition in real time and see what is happening. In addition, Apple will receive a large massive of information, which can then be processed by the Big data technology to analyze various parameters of the vast majority of the population. Then, perhaps, these data will lead to some results and will be used in various fields of medicine.

After the second generation of Apple Watch After was released, a columnist of The Wall Street Journal wrote: "I still do not need it, but I want it." It seems that Apple's main goal is to make Apple Wtch not not just desirable, but also very necessary.

source: wsj.com