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Apple to come up with AR glasses


In 2023, Apple intends to release its first “smart” glasses that will use augmented reality technology. The manufacturers hope that this technology will replace smartphones, computers and televisions with glasses.

Marc Lee
Marc Lee
Apple plans to release a headset and AR (augmented reality) glasses in the coming years, reports The Information. The company's plans were discussed at an October meeting with Mike Rockwell, Apple Vice President. He leads the team developing the company's AR and VR initiatives.

The headsets are expected to replace the iPhone “in about ten years,” the report said. None of these products was announced by Apple, but both headsets were reportedly shown at an internal employee presentation in October at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The first device, expected in 2022, in size will resemble the virtual reality helmet Oculus Quest from Facebook, that is, it will be quite large.

The second device, expected in 2023, is more like sunglasses, with a thick frame to accommodate batteries and processors. Designed for use throughout the day, these glasses are a step towards Apple’s ultimate goal - the release of a device that will replace the iPhone.

AR glasses will be designed to be worn all day. Cameras for augmented reality will be available in the headset and glasses, similar to those already on the iPhone and iPad.

source: appleinsider.com