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Asian Electronics Companies Steal The Show At IFA 2015, US Giants Absent


Asian IT and electronic companies like of Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony stole the show at the Europe's largest consumer electronics show, prompted by the absence of major US companies like Google and Apple and a minimal presence of Microsoft and Intel.
The absence of US companies made IFA 2015, the largest electronics show of Europe being held in Berlin, an almost all Asian affair with hurried product launches by some of the global companies.
Specifics of the latest smartwatch form Samsung, the Samsung Gear, S2 were released on Tuesday, a day ahead of the scheduled official press conference on Thursday for the launch. Though this has robbed some of the potential media coverage for the only notable product from the Korean company’s stable to be launched at the fair, many feel that the company had done this as a fall out of a well thought out strategy.
Experts believe that Samsung’s strategy was to over shadow the proposed launch of a smartphone from the Chinese Huawei, seen as one of the upcoming challengers to companies like Samsung. Mate S, the smartphpne of the Chinese company was unveiled on Wednesday. The latest smart phone from Huawei is a high-end device with Knuckle Control 2.0 and Fingerprint 2.0. There are udgraded features of the company’s earlier smartphone Huawei Mate 7.
Advanced chip level security and boast improved recognition speeds of the sensors is allowed by the new Fingerprint 2.0. Users can use the technology to control the notification bar, double-click to erase unread notifications, slide the screen to preview pictures and hold and take phone calls by just placing one finger on the back of the device.

The Knuckle Control 2.feature allows the users to do a number of activities with the use of their knuckles. For example, drawing a “C” with their knuckle activates the camera of the phone while double-clicking the screen with a knuckle records the screen in the form of a video.

The ‘Force Touch’ technology introduced with Huaweis latest offer is among the most interesting features to have been launched at the fair. Describing the technology, Richard Yu, the CEO of the consumer division of the company said: “Two dimensional touch technology is the past”. The new technology defines gestures not only according to the direction or the number of the fingers involved, but will also consider how much pressure is applied.

According to Richard Yu, the technology can be simply defined as “push harder, zoom closer”.

“This is just the start,” Richard Yu said adding that the technology has opened up doors to innumerable possibilities for developers and designers to imagine new possible functions.

The Mate S, priced at €649 for the 32 GB model and €699 for the 64 GB one would be sold from September 15, in Western Europe.

Other models introduced in the fair included the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact, two new flagship smartphones, and Z5 Premium with 4K display from Sony. Some interesting launches and unveiling are expected from Lenovo and Motorola at the fair.


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