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Audi to curtail production because of Dieselgate scandal


Audi will be forced to limit production of cars from September this year due to the Dieselgate scandal, Bayerischer Rundfunk television and radio company reports with reference to the source.

Earlier it was reported that investigations were being carried out in Germany in connection with the Dieselgate scandal. It was revealed that diesel cars of several German companies, including Audi, were equipped with software underestimating real emissions of harmful substances.

According to the company, the reason for the reduction in production was that since September of this year Audi will have permission to produce only a part of the models that satisfactorily passed the world-wide harmonized procedure for testing cars (WLTP) for determining fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

In particular, the cuts will affect models A5 and A4. On average, their production will be reducing by 300 units everyday in the period from September to the end of the year. In addition, in December the company will leave for Christmas vacation a week earlier.

According to Bayerischer Rundfunk, in early July, Audi reported an increase in sales by 4.5% and sales of about 950 thousand cars in the market for six months. However, the company may suffer losses in the second half of 2018.

Volkswagen carmaker, the owner of Audi, was previously accused in the United States of having equipped diesel cars with software that underestimates real emissions of harmful substances. The US government ordered the concern to revoke 482,000 cars of Volkswagen and Audi brands sold in the country in 2009-2015. In April, Volkswagen agreed on the repurchase of cars from consumers and the payment of compensation to them.

source: br.de