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Australian Qantas offers unlimited flights for vaccinated passengers


Qantas airlines have offered vaccinated passengers unlimited flights for a year for the whole family and other bonuses. Australian businesses are concerned that the sluggish pace of vaccination could undermine economic recovery.

Mark Harkin
Mark Harkin
Australian airline Qantas Airways has announced awards for those vaccinated against the coronavirus. Ten families of four who have been vaccinated will receive "mega prizes" in the form of unlimited free flights on Qantas and its low-cost carrier Jetstar for a year, Alan Joyce, the company's CEO, said. Qantas also plans to give away bonus miles, discounts and ticket vouchers to participants.

Unlimited flights for a year are the most generous bonus from an Australian business trying to boost vaccination rates, Bloomberg notes. Joyce urged other companies to offer vaccination bonuses as well. "We have a vested interest in this," he stressed. 

Vaccine shortages, bureaucratic delays and public hesitation over possible side effects have left Australia behind the United States and many European countries in vaccination rates, the Financial Times wrote. So far, less than a quarter of Australia's 26 million people have received at least their first vaccination against the coronavirus. The new COVID-19 outbreak forced the state of Victoria to declare a new week-long quarantine late last week.

There is growing dissatisfaction with the situation in the Australian business community, the FT notes. Businesses have warned that the sluggish pace of vaccination threatens Australian business and could undermine economic recovery from the pandemic. Companies have already estimated their losses from Victoria's seven-day lockdown at $770 million.

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