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Axios: The US has suspended ammunition shipments to Israel


According to Israeli officials cited by Axios portal, U.S. President Joe Biden's administration halted the transfer of ammunition developed in the United States to Israel.

James Emery
James Emery
This is the first suspension of this kind since Hamas attacked Israeli territory in October 2023, writes Axios.

The Israeli government "has expressed serious concern" over this, according to individuals close to the portal.

US officials have urged Israel to step up its efforts to deliver humanitarian goods to Palestinian residents from Gaza on a regular basis in recent months. Furthermore, Washington has asked the Israeli military to be more selective about the targets it strikes.

Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7. The IDF retaliated by initiating a military campaign against Hamas.

A set of legislation approving increased financial aid to Israel, Ukraine, and friends in the Indo-Pacific area was signed into law by Biden towards the end of April by the US Congress.

The law specifically calls for the provision of $26.4 billion in additional military funding to Israel. $9.1 billion of these monies will go toward meeting humanitarian needs.

source: axios.com