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BASF net income falls in January-September


The financial accounts of the German chemical corporation BASF SE show that its net profit fell to €4.22 billion between January and September 2022, a decline of 8.8% on an annualized basis.

BASF SE / Bernhard Kunz
BASF SE / Bernhard Kunz
In comparison to €5.03 a year earlier, the diluted earnings per share for the period of January through September came to €4.67. The company's revenue for the quarter increased by 15.6% to €68.003 billion.

The business reported a net profit of €909 million at the end of the third quarter, a 27.5 percent decrease from the same period last year. Comparatively to €1.36 in the same period last year, BASF's diluted profit for the three months was €1.01. Revenue for the quarter increased by 11.6% to €21.946 billion.

BASF anticipates €86 to 89 billion in revenue and €6.8–7.2 billion in EBIT before exceptional items at the end of the year.

source: bloomberg.com