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Bank of America to pay $200 to each vaccinated Merrill Lynch employee


Bonuses of $200 will be offered to client relationship partners, administrative support and operational staff at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, owned by Bank of America. Payments will be given to COVID-19 vaccinated employees who are about to return or have returned to work in the office.

Hänsel und Gretel
Hänsel und Gretel
Bank of America (BofA) will pay $200 each to its employees at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management who have been fully vaccinated and return to the office regularly. This was reported by Reuters citing a bank spokesman. 

The bonuses will be offered to customer service partners, administrative support and operational staff at BofA-owned Merrill Lynch, a bank spokesman said. For now, they will only be paid to employees who have confirmed they have received vaccines and asked to return to the office, he said. 

Leading global investment bank Goldman Sachs said in late August that from September only people vaccinated against COVID-19 would be able to enter its US buildings. Goldman Sachs became the first Wall Street bank to impose a vaccination requirement not only on employees but also on customers.

Previously, two other Wall Street investment banks, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, had required mandatory vaccinations for employees returning to the office, CNBC reported. JPMorgan Chase encouraged but did not require vaccination of its employees.  

source: cnbc.com