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Barack Obama Unveiled Plans to Combat Terrorism


US President Barack Obama addressed the nation with anti-terrorism program. His speech was a response to a terrorist attack in the city of San Bernardino, where a couple shot party visitors with automatic weapons on December 3rd. As a result, 14 people were killed and 23injured. Barack Obama has called on Congress to extend the US operation in Syria, ban sale of assault weapons and tighten control over entry into the country for persons who visited the hot spots. However, he promised that no terrorist act will force the United States to begin a ground operation in Syria. According to Barack Obama, "presence of US troops would provide an influx of new recruits (in terrorist organizations) for years to come."

Pete Souza
Pete Souza
The US president said that he and his two daughters would likely be visitors of such a party, similar to the one in San Bernardino. He promised that the American response would be "strong and smart", and set out an action plan for the fight against terror. The United States will continue air strikes on "ISIS leaders, their oil tankers, heavy weapons and infrastructure".

In addition, Barack Obama promised to "destroy the plans of terrorists, chop off their sources of funding and prevent the recruitment of new soldiers." These objectives, according to the president of the United States, can be achieved by strengthening the border of Syria and Turkey and "working with the countries where Muslims make up the majority of the population, as well as with Muslims in the United States." He said the world need to move towards a political resolution of the Syrian crisis, stressing that it would allow the US-led coalition of 65 nations and Russia to jointly fight against the ISIS, "group that threatens us all."

Barack Obama urged not to vent anger after the terrorist attacks on the Muslim community in the United States, instead proposing three points, which, in his view, would help, prevent such tragedies in the future. For this purpose, according to the president of the United States, must be done everything possible to prevent guns from getting in the hands of persons included in the so-called no-fly list. This list includes people suspected of terrorism, and prohibited landing on commercial flights heading to the United States or one of them. According to the American portal The Intercept, the list included 47 thousand men in August 2013.

In general, the US president offered to restrict sales of "assault weapon", which usually refers to semi-automatic and automatic rifles. Recall that Barack Obama is fighting to limit this type of rifles since his election to the presidency, but so far gun lobby in Congress have been blocking any changes.

source: cnn.com