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Bayer wins first court victory in Roundup herbicide case


A trial court in San Benito County, California, has rendered a decision in support of Bayer Chemical Corporation, a company that was accused of causing cancer through its Roundup herbicide.

Global Justice Now via flickr
Global Justice Now via flickr
The plaintiff's cancer was not deemed to be related to the usage of this herbicide, according to the court. The company said that the ruling is "consistent with the evidence in this case showing that Roundup does not cause cancer and is not related to the plaintiff's disease." This is the first case of this kind that Bayer has won in recent history.

The direct maker of Roundup, Bayer, has been the subject of multiple lawsuits about the product since 2018, just after the German corporation acquired the American business Monsanto. About 100,000 cases were resolved by Bayer in 2020, and the company agreed to pay close to $11 billion in settlement. 

Since then, the corporation has prevailed in numerous trials involving these accusations; nevertheless, many courts lately were unsuccessful for it. For instance, Bayer was fined $1.5 billion by a Missouri court in November. Experts predict that the corporation may experience a sea change as a result of this ruling, increasing the likelihood that subsequent courts will find in its favor.

source: cnn.com