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Bill Gates Foundation dumps all Alibaba and Uber shares


Bill and Melinda Gates' charitable foundation has divested itself of all its shares in Alibaba and Uber and sold half its stake in Apple. Instead, it has increased its stake in the IT developer, whose shares have risen by around 500% in a year.

Sebastian Derungs
Sebastian Derungs
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Charitable Trust, has rebalanced its investment portfolio, according to a fourth quarter 2020 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the filing, the trust, which manages the Gates Foundation's money, sold all shares in Alibaba Group (it had 552,383 depositary receipts of the company in the third quarter), Uber Technologies (had 26,767 shares) and Boston Properties real estate fund (1.1 million securities). 

The fund also halved its holdings in Apple (from 2 million to 1 million shares), Amazon (from 60,460 to 30,230 securities) and Alphabet (from 43,107 to 21,554 Class A securities; from 42,981 to 21,491 Class C shares).

According to the fourth quarter report, the fund made only one purchase: it increased its stake in healthcare software developer Schrodinger by 40.15%, from 4.98 million to 6.98 million shares. 

Schrodinger held an IPO in February 2020, selling shares at $17. By the end of the year, the company's securities on Nasdaq had risen 365% to the offering price, to $79.18. At the close of trading on February 19, it was $105.03 per share (+517% to the IPO price).

source: ft.com