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Biogen Drug – New Hope for Alzheimer Patients


The development of an experimental drug to combat Alzheimer has brought scientists close to a breakthrrough.

Biogen Drug – New Hope for Alzheimer Patients
Biogen Idec Inc. stocks surged to a new heights after the advent of experimental drug for healing Alzheimer, which surpassed even high expectations. The result offers a spark of hope amidst series of failures by its rivals who attempted to tackle the disease. The drug also known as BIIB037, indicates decline in amyloid plaques build up in the brain linked with Alzheimer and also substantial reduction in cognitive, reported at Biogen’s conference in France. However, the Alzheimer treatment needs bigger and longer drug trials. Moreover the outcome of the trials thrilled the observers as a result of the consistent performance of the medicine, whose impact augmented with higher doses.
Beta amyloid is a protein fragment which leads to creation of plaque in the brain. The company has been promptly been pushing into the areas which were tried by other drug manufacturers yet failed in final trials. The drugs solanezumab made by Eli Lilly & Co, and bapineuzumab, created by Pfizer Inc, Elan Corp and Johnson & Johnson, both were not successful in displaying a considerable impact of the medicines in trials. Still, Lilly is again testing the solanezumab only with the patients at an early stage of Alzheimer, while the latter has been completely scrapped. In even less than a span of 5 years, the market capitalization of Biogen has escalated from $15 billion to nearly $110 billion, thereby boosting the company to be one of the world’s largest biotechnology company.

The invention of the drug has reignited hopes of patients struggling with Alzheimer that affects nearly 15 million people across the world, a number that is anticipated to jump to the record marks of 75 million people by 2030, in absence of effective treatments. Any effective medicine for the disease is expected to become the most lucrative medicine across the globe. However, the Biogen drug is subject to several years of testing and thus cannot make its way to the market before 2020, even if things correctly fall in place.

The study emphasized that the experiments were only focused on the patients diagnosed with the mildest form of disease. The therapy is required to be tested on a much broader and diverse world patient population.

Biogen, is not just working for making medicines to heal Alzheimer, but has also established its leadership in development of multiple sclerosis drugs. Many compounds are tested in research labs through a series of therapeutic approaches for potential treatments, while a majority of them being tested in preclinical stages. Moreover, the company is planning to initiate its trial in the latter part of the year. Biogen’s CEO, George Scangos said that in the future the company is likely to focus on developing medicines for diseases which are apparently most difficult to treat.

The Massachusetts-based biotechnology company came into highlights previous week after announcement of higher than expected outcome of the clinical trials of its Alzheimer's drug, aducanumab. The company further stated that it will adopt a new logo and drop “Idec” from the company’s name. More than a decade ago, Biogen Inc. merged with Idec Pharmaceuticals.