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Bloomberg: Global warming threatens U.S. maple syrup business


According to Bloomberg, the American maple syrup industry is under threat from warm winters. American producers are forced to relocate further north as a result of global warming. The maple syrup business in Canada, however, can only gain from climate change.

M. Rehemtulla
M. Rehemtulla
Canada and the northern United States, where sugar maples are found, produce the majority of the world's maple syrup. Only in late winter, when daytime temperatures briefly range between minus and plus, can maple trees' sap, which is used to manufacture syrup, be harvested.

It takes longer to create syrup in warm weather because the sap from the trees is less sweet. Drought or insect pests that lower the amount of sap that maple trees produce can also result from extreme weather conditions.

The American maple syrup market is thought to bring in $1.5 billion annually. Despite a 35% increase in production of maple syrup in the United States in 2022, the sector may suffer significant losses due to future climate change and unpredictable weather shifts.

source: bloomberg.com