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Bloomberg names Tim Cook's likely successor as Apple CEO


Following Tim Cook's resignation, Bloomberg reported that 49-year-old John Ternus, who oversees the company's hardware development division, is expected to take over as CEO of Apple.

Pierre Lecourt
Pierre Lecourt
According to Bloomberg, which cites people familiar with the company's internal operations, 49-year-old John Ternus, the president of the hardware development division, is expected to succeed Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

Cook named Jeff Williams Apple's chief operations officer in 2015. Prior to this, sources close to Bloomberg claimed that he would take over as Cook's replacement should the latter step down soon. At that, the agency's sources stated that Apple's board would probably prefer an executive who, like Cook and Steve Jobs, has been with the business for at least ten years. Williams will turn 61 in 2024, making him two years younger than Cook, who is 63. 

The agency sources also say that Ternus has "earned the respect" of Cook, Williams, and other executives, and that he is "well-liked at Apple". Nevertheless, Ternus is increasingly being used by the corporation as the face of new products, according to Bloomberg. He led the charge when the iPad was announced in May.

source: bloomberg.com