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Boeing adds 28% in Q1 revenue


The U.S. aerospace company Boeing released its first quarter financial results. The company’s revenues increased by 28%, to $17.9 billion.

Dave Sizer
Dave Sizer
The corporation also reported a $425 million net loss, a considerable decrease from $1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2022. During the first quarter, 130 aircraft were delivered as opposed to 95 a year earlier. Following the publication of the report, Boeing's stock grew by 4%.

Investors responded favorably, among other things, to Boeing's disclosure that the company aims to increase 737 Max aircraft deliveries this year to 38 per month, up from 31 per month last year.

The firm announced in mid-April that due to component issues, it will soon have to reduce 737 Max deliveries. In total, Boeing intends to provide 400 to 450 737 Max aircraft in 2023.

source: cnn.com