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Boeing expects orders for 787 Dreamliner to grow


After it resumes delivery, Stan Deal, general manager of Boeing's commercial aviation division, told Reuters on Sunday that the company anticipates an increase in new bookings for the 787 Dreamliner.

Steve Lynes
Steve Lynes
Deal stated that Boeing is "extremely near" to beginning the 787 series model deliveries that have been halted since May 2021. The company is focusing on quality assurance and resolving issues with production.

Earlier, FAA spokeswoman stated that the organization "would approve each delivery only when Boeing verifies that the aircraft meets FAA safety criteria."

The largest member of Boeing's family of popular narrow-body aircraft, the 737 MAX 10, needs certification before December in order to start deliveries. In the absence of a repeal by Congress, the 2020 law will oblige the aircraft to adhere to new cockpit alert criteria.

Earlier in an interview with Aviation Week, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun stated that potential regulatory issues may force the company to discontinue the 737 MAX 10. That is a "unlikely alternative," according to Deal, who is concentrating on certifying the aircraft.

Additionally, Deal stated that certification is "still scheduled for later in the year," though he admitted that it might not occur. "Obtaining FAA certification for the aircraft is the next step. We're moving forward," he added.

source: reuters.com