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Boeing to build planes in 'metaverse'


Boeing has decided to create its airliners in the metaverse: mechanics wearing augmented reality glasses and robots capable of communicating with each other will work on "immersive 3D aircraft designs". According to the company's chief engineer, the digital approach will improve the quality and efficiency of production and enable a faster response to malfunctions.

Boeing will start building planes in the metaverse within the next two years. This was stated by the chief engineer of the aircraft manufacturer Greg Hyslop in a conversation with Reuters.

Boeing plans to integrate all operations for the development, production and maintenance of its airliners in a single digital ecosystem. In this ecosystem, mechanics located around the world will be able to work on aircraft using HoloLens augmented reality glasses, and assembly will be carried out using robots capable of communicating with each other, writes Reuters.

At the heart of the new approach to construction, according to Boeing's plan, will be a "digital twin" of the aircraft (its detailed virtual three-dimensional copy), which the company will integrate with its production system. All data on the airliner, including information on parts and requirements and thousands of pages of certification documents, will be linked together in one "digital thread", Hyslop said.

He added that the system would improve the quality and efficiency of production, improve communication between all parties involved in the process and increase the speed of response in the event of malfunctions. More than 70 percent of all problems with Boeing aeroplanes, according to the engineer, were in one way or another related to miscalculations in the design. 

Going forward, digitalisation should also improve the company's financial performance. "When the quality of delivery is higher, when the aircraft assembly runs more smoothly, when you minimize rework, [improved] financial performance will follow from that," Hyslop assured.

source: reuters.com