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Bosch’ 4% Stake of Ceres In A Bid To Develop Next-Gen Fuel Cells


Bosch thinks that fuel cells that are efficient and have low emissions will prove a game changer in the energy system.

Bosch, the automotive supplier from German, revealed that it will be taking 4% stake in Ceres Power Holdings of Britain, in an attempt to develop together the “next generation of solid oxide fuel cells”. On Monday, the stake closed at the value of 7.7 million pounds, whereby on acquiring the same, Bosch will become one of the “top 10 shareholders” of the group besides Weichai Power which has a 45% stake of Kion, a forklift maker of Germany.
According to a statement from Stefan Hartung, a board member of Bosch:
“Bosch believes that the highly efficient fuel cell, with its very low emissions, has an important role to play in energy systems’ security of supply and flexibility”.
While Reuters noted that:
“Small SOFC modules could be used to satisfy growing electricity demand in metropolitan areas, Bosch said, adding it was unlikely that large power stations alone would be able to meet higher consumption”.
Moreover, Bosch informed that it aims to create “SOFC modules” capable of generating “10 kilowatt of electricity”, while usually, nuclear power stations are equipped for “1 gigawatt”.