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Bosch to pay €90 million fine within Dieselgate scandal


The component manufacturer has supplied millions of sensors with unauthorized software to various automakers. Bosch refused to challenge the court’s decision and will transfer the money within a month and a half.

Bosch will also pay a large fine within the diesel scandal after the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche automakers,. The Stuttgart Prosecutor's Office on Thursday, May 23, announced a decision to impose a penalty on Bosch in the amount of €90 million for "negligent violation of the supervision duties".

Bosch refused to challenge the decision and will pay a fine to the federal state of Baden-Württemberg within six weeks. In this regard, the prosecutor's office in Stuttgart announced termination of the case against Bosch. According to the investigation, since 2008, this company has supplied various automakers with about 17 million dosage and control sensors, the software of which "contained partially unauthorized strategies."

The automakers installed these sensors on cars, received appropriate permits from authorities and brought their products to the market. As a result of inspections, however, it turned out that the engines of these cars emit much more nitrous oxide into the atmosphere than the automakers said.

source: reuters.com