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CNN: Rex Tillerson may leave the post of US Secretary of State


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may leave his post by the end of the year due to the growing discontent with the policies of President Donald Trump. This, referring to sources in the White House, reported by CNN. At the same time, the TV channel specifies that Mr. Tillerson's overheard conversation with his "friends outside Washington" may be just words, not deeds, but the claims of the former CEO of Exxon Mobil to their current leader are really accumulating.

As reported by CNN, Rex Tillerson said in a conversation with a friend that he most likely will wait for the end of the year, but may leave his post earlier. The channel assumes that the reason for these moods of the Secretary of State was the recent situation with Prosecutor General Jeff Sessions, who refused to participate in the investigation of Moscow's alleged interference in US elections in 2016.

Mr. Sessions was supposed to protect Donald Trump from the attacks of the special services and an ad hoc committee headed by Robert Mueller involved in the investigation, but refused. He did this on the grounds that he cannot, as the Prosecutor General, carry out an unbiased monitoring of the course of the investigation of the election campaign: during this he was one of Donald Trump's top advisers. "I consulted with the Ministry of Justice, and they said that it would be best for me to get out of this business," Jeff Sessions said a few days ago. "I studied the documents and came to the conclusion that they are right."

Donald Trump responded to the "betrayal" of his companion with anger and amazement. "The site should not be eliminated, and if it was planned to do so, he should have told me about this before he agreed to this work, because then I would not have appointed him to it," the US president said. Mr. Tillerson, presumably, did not like these statements: most American experts notice that Mr. Sessions did exactly what was required of him by ethical standards of public service.

source: cnn.com