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Call on EU to Halve Food Waste by 2030 Given by Campaigners


Call on EU to Halve Food Waste by 2030 Given by Campaigners
44m tonnes of food waste every year could be wiped out by the initiative, which would apply to the UK if passed.
On the eve of a landmark vote later this month, a major pan-European group is urging people to support the cause to halve ‘farm to fork’ food waste in Europe by 2030.
Shaping the next 15 years of EU food waste policy and presenting the potential to be the most ambitious, legally binding target on food waste in the world is a set of new regulation on which the European parliament’s environment committee will vote on 24 January.
For the target of halving the amount of food waste generated in the EU by 2030 to be made legally binding at member state level, a new campaign for urging the MEPs have been initiated. Supporting the calls for the EU’s circular economy package to support a 50% reduction of food waste by 2030 is a movement of 42 organisations from across 15 countries. Separately, backing the move, 47,000 people have to date signed the public petition.
Before the UK leaves the European Union, it would become British law if the target is passed.
Martin Bowman, Campaigner for This is Rubbish, who started the UK public petition, said: “The circular economy package has potential to be the most ambitious food waste agreement in the world, and that’s urgently needed – both for the environment and the millions suffering from food poverty in Europe.”
The 55 million people living in food poverty in Europe can be fed more than nine times over by an estimated 88m tonnes of food that is wasted in EU countries every year, This is Rubbish estimates.
“If approved, this ambitious target to halve food waste across Europe should enter into UK law before we leave the European Union, meaning that it will influence our approach to food waste even after Brexit. If our government tries to wriggle out of this commitment when we leave Europe, it will have a fight on its hands,” said Kierra Box, campaigner for Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
To combat their food waste, national schemes are in place in some EU countries, including France and Italy already. why there is little comparable data between retailers on food waste data and questions about food waste throughout the entire supply chain would also be asked of the UK’s major supermarkets.
Along with the Food and Drink Federation, which represents the UK food and drink industry, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose will all give evidence. Questions about whether current best by/use by labelling is contributing to food waste by creating consumer confusion and an explanation of their policies on selling ‘wonky’ or imperfect fruit and vegetables would be asked of them.
“Despite the progress made reducing food waste along the supply chain, the amount of reusable, recyclable food that we throw away in the UK is still staggeringly high. Of the estimated 7m tonnes we discard from our homes each year, nearly half is edible,” said Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick of the environment, food and rural affairs committee.

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