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Capital Economics: Asia keeps low inflation and stable supplies


Capital Economics: Independent macro researchhttps://www.Asia is still the only area that hasn't witnessed a significant increase in inflation.

According to Capital Economics specialists, because these nations haven't imposed long-term limitations, there hasn't been a jump in demand when the limits were relaxed, and logistical issues aren't as severe. Central bank rates are not rising in Asia, either, although monetary tightening in Latin America and developing Europe is projected to persist.

According to specialists at Capital Economics, Asia's inflation rate is still lower than that of other emerging nations, with only Sri Lanka and Pakistan recording rates above 5% (inflation averages 5-10% in the rest of the developing world). As a result, central bank rate rises have been minor, with the exceptions of Pakistan (175 basis points), Sri Lanka (50 basis points), and South Korea (50bps).

Following a correction in energy costs, the center anticipates a decrease in inflation for developing nations as a whole from the start of next year. However, while inflation in Asia is anticipated to revert to its stated objective, it is still high in Europe and Latin America due to logistical issues and a rising labor shortage. As a result, according to Capital Economics, central banks in these nations are expected to maintain monetary policy tight for at least another six months.

source: capitaleconomics.com