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China And US Commerce Chiefs Will Work To Address Differences, Says Beijing


China And US Commerce Chiefs Will Work To Address Differences, Says Beijing
China and the United States have agreed to promote healthy trade and cooperate over differences as the top US and Chinese commerce officials discussed the issues over telephone, said China’s commerce ministry on Thursday.
This was the latest exchange between high level officials of the two countries as both spars over disagreements.
Following the telephonic conversation between Commerce Minister Wang Wentao spoke with U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the Chinese statement said that the importance of business exchanges was recognized by both the sides and therefore both the countries will keep the lines of communication between them open.
"They agreed to promote the healthy development of trade and investment and cooperate in a pragmatic way to handle their differences," the Chinese ministry said.
The Chinese Vice Premier Liu had a conversation with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen over various issues related to trade earlier this month and then he also held a similarly “candid” exchange of views with the newly appointed US Trade Representative Katherine Tai late last month.
There are a number of issues that have plagued the relationships between the two largest economies of the world. A new sweeping set of legislations that are aimed at boosting the ability of the US to compete with Chinese technology was passed this week by the US senate. The regulations have however been strongly criticised by China.
However a day ago, a series of Trump-era executive orders aimed at China were withdrawn by US President Joe Biden. Those executive orders that were passed by the former President Donald Trump were aimed at banning new downloads of the popular Chinese owned messaging app WeChat and the ChinEse owned short video making and sharing app TikTok and had ordered the US Commerce Department to conduct a review of the security concerns that were posed by the above mentioned apps as well as other Chinese apps.
The US technology legislation is “really deployment for Cold War”, said an editorial that was published this Thursday in the state backed media newspaper China Daily.