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China Launches Investigation against Sinopec President


President of China Sinopec Group, one the largest oil companies of China, Wang Tianpu is under investigation on suspicion of "serious misconduct", said the anti-corruption agency on Monday.

Sinopec Group is the parent company of Sinopec Corp, Asia's largest refiner.

The Central Commission of China mentioned his name on disciplinary supervision in a short message on his website. Sinopec’s spokesman said that the company's senior management held an emergency meeting, having received notice of Van, and fully supports the government's decision.
Chinese President Xi Jinping previously warned that corruption threatens the ruling Communist Party, and a two-year anti-corruption campaign declared by him has deprived a lot of posts of party functionaries, members of the government, employees of public companies and the military.
Previously, vice president of Baosteel Group Metal Jiang Kui got under suspicion of disciplinary violations. In addition, over the last two weeks anti-corruption investigations against top managers Shina National Petroleum Corp and China Southern Power Grid and other large companies were initiated, reports Reuters.

In February, the Chinese authorities have resulted in the execution of the death sentence against five businessmen accused of corruption. Among those executed - the former head of one of the largest mining corporations of the country Hanlong Group billionaire Liu Han.

He was accused of leading a criminal organization that was involved in a murder.

At the time, Liu was connected with the son of the former Minister of Public Security Zhou Yongkang, who is also now under investigation.

Along with him, his younger brother Liu Wei and three former subordinates were executed.

Corporation Hanlong Group is largest private conglomerate, located in Sichuan, which has interests in various sectors, including the mining and chemical industries, as well as communication.

As head of the corporation, Liu Han had a significant influence and wealth.

"Provincial tyrant"

According to Xinhua News Agency, the corporation, which "enjoyed the support of civil servants" illegally monopolized gambling industry in Sichuan Province, to carry out reprisals against local people, and seriously undermined the social and economic order.

In recent months, several high-ranking officials of the province, located in the south central part of China, have been brought to justice.

Sichuan province was considered the domain of the displaced politburo member and former Minister of Public Security Zhou Yongkang.

He served as the first secretary of the local party organization until 2003, when he led an all-powerful Ministry of State Security of China.

Zhou was arrested in December 2014 and became the largest figure in the party and state leadership of the PRC, subjected to harassment in the campaign to eradicate corruption.
In China, more than 60 types of crime may cause the death penalty. Sentences are actuated by shooting or injection.

Recall that in October 2014 the head of department of transport and deputy general engineer of the Ministry of Railways of China Zhang Shuguang was sentenced to death suspended for two years.

In the summer of 2013, former Minister of China Railways Liu Zhijun was sentenced to death, who was accused of taking bribes in the amount of 64.6 million yuan ($ 10.5 million).

In 2013, the Supreme People's Court of China has banned tortures during interrogations.

source: reuters