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China Releases First Detailed Study Of Coronaviurs Attack, Finds Elderly At Most Risk


China Releases First Detailed Study Of Coronaviurs Attack, Finds Elderly At Most Risk
The first detailed report about more than 70,000 cases of people infected by the coronavirus outbreak in China – now officially named Covid-19, was published by health officials in China – the first such comprehensive and detailed reports since the outbreak of the virus.
The new report which is based on the data gathered and analyzed by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) show that over 80 per cent of the confirmed cases were of mild nature while the most at risk were sick and the elderly.
The high risk that medical staff treating the virus affected people face is also highlighted in the research report.
This report was released even as the director of the government hospital in Wuhan city in China dies of the virus attack. 51 year old Liu Zhiming was the medical director of the one of the leading hospitals in the virus epicenter of Wuhan - the Wuchang Hospital, and he has now become one of the most senior health expert ot succumb to this virus.
The province worst affected by the outbreak in China is Hubei. The death rate due to the virus in the province was 2.9 per cent compared to the national average in China of just 0.4 per cent, said found the report CCDC report.
The overall death rate in China due to the virus outbreak, including those in Hubei province , was 2.3 per cent according to the report.
According to the official figures from China, the total number of death because of the virus attack was at 1,868 as a Tuesday while the total number of people infected with the virus stood at 72,436. In the last one day along, Chinese officials reported a total of 98 new deaths and 1,886 new confirmed infection cases while 93 of those deaths and 1,807 of the infections occurred in the Hubei province.
According to Chinese authorities, a total of more than 12,000 people have completely recovered.
All of the 72,314 cases of Covid-19 reported and diagnosed across China as of 11 February were examined in the research report of the CCDC that was published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology on Monday. The cases included confirmed, suspected, and asymptomatic ones as well.
This new study includes a detailed breakdown of the 44,672 confirmed cases across all of China even though the overall trend emerging from the study were similar to previously reported and described patterns of infection.
This detailed report found the people aged 80 and older was the group that was most susceptible to fatality of the outbreak at death rate of 14.8 per cent. It also found that there have been no fatalities among children who are aged 1 to 9 years while just 0.2 per cent people in the age group of up to 39 years were found to have died in the outbreak.
The report also noted that the fatality rates increased gradually as the age group grew older. For example, the fatality rate was 0.4 per cent for people in their 40s while it was 1.3 per cent for victims in their 50s, 3.6 for people in their 60s and 8 per cent for people in their 70s.
Men were found to have a higher mortality rate – at 2.8 per cent, compared to women with a mortality rate of 1.7 per cent, the report found.
The report also highlighted the risk for the people engaged in treatment of the coronavirus patients, saying that a total of 3,019 health workers have been infected by the virus which includes 1,716 of confirmed cases. there have been five deaths of medical personnel so far as of 11 February.