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China accuses US of violating trade rules


China has chastised the United States for sanctioning eight Chinese technology firms. Beijing fears that the United States is breaking trade norms and impeding scientific progress.

Liu Peng, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in the United States, remarked on the latest US penalties. China has demanded that the US "immediately cease its mistaken practice" of implementing sanctions, according to him. Beijing, according to the diplomat, will take steps to protect the rights and interests of Chinese businesses and research organizations.

The acts of the United States, according to the spokesman, "grossly violate the laws of free trade" and "threaten the security of global industrial and supply chains." According to the country, Washington also stifles scientific and technological progress and seriously "undermines the welfare and interests of people in all countries," including the United States.

The US Treasury Department had placed sanctions on eight Chinese technology businesses the day before, suspecting them of having ties to China's military. The limits were imposed on a developer of facial recognition software, as well as makers of supercomputers and video surveillance systems.

source: cnn.com