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China and the EU get on the clean energy path


China and the European Union agreed on urgent need for international decisions on clean energy and climate change, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday.

"China and the European Union are committed to the need for international decisions. There is nothing more important than global transition to clean energy and implementation, full implementation without nuances, of the provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement", Juncker said at a meeting of business leaders of the EU and China in Brussels.

According to Juncker, there is no retreat in terms of the transition to a new energy industry and no straying away from the conditions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Recall that the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons - the US - left the Paris agreement on climate. Donald Trump announced that he will begin the process of withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement, which aims to prevent the warming of the planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius.

Donald Trump suggested that US compliance with the terms of the Paris agreement could "cost America 2.7 thousand lost jobs by 2025, according to National Economic Research Associates."

The report on which this statement is based has been widely criticized by environmental groups. The World Resources Institute noted that the study relies on a scenario in which the US industrial sector is forced to reduce the country's total emissions by almost 40% in 20 years. This calculation does not take into account the role of other sectors in the area of emission reductions.

Trump's decision aroused condemnation from heads of many countries, who accused the US that the country turned away from the planet and from all of humanity. Heads of Germany, France and Italy expressed their disappointment. They also noted that the agreement’s terms cannot be changed. The leaders of other countries accused Trump of being reckless.

source: xinhuanet.com