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China cuts exports of gallium and germanium


The export of gallium and germanium, two metals crucial to the creation of semiconductors and other high-tech goods, has been restricted, according to China's Ministry of Commerce. Additionally, China is limiting the export of a number of substances.

The restriction will go into force on August 1st. Companies that wish to continue exporting metals must now apply to the Ministry of Commerce and include information on the buyers of their metals.

This, according to experts, is China's reaction to American limitations on the entrance of many sophisticated technologies into the nation. China was rumored to be considering putting a stop to the export of rare earth metals to Western nations.

Gallium and germanium are vitally necessary for high-tech companies, so this might have a disastrous effect, said Anthony Lipmann, director of British trader Lipmann Walton & Co. 94% of the world's gallium output, according to the British research institute Critical Minerals Intelligence Centre, is produced in China.

source: reuters.com