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China declares full victory over COVID-19 pandemic


As the nation has fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, Wang Yi, head of the Foreign Affairs Commission Office of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, stated that Chinese authorities are prepared to reestablish contact with Europe and the rest of the world.

rawpixel.com / Sergeant Matt Hecht
rawpixel.com / Sergeant Matt Hecht
Politicians in Europe and China, he claimed, can now resume their previous levels of interaction.

During a meeting with European diplomatic chief Josep Borrell, Wang Yi said, "The two sides can actively prepare for a new meeting of Chinese and EU leaders, make full use of high-level dialogue mechanisms in various fields and facilitate the early return of bilateral contacts to the pre-pandemic level."

The Chinese diplomat spoke about the situation in Ukraine and emphasized that Chinese authorities demand that the parties to the crisis enter into constructive dialogue. The official stated, "China and the EU should strengthen collaboration to provide more stability to the world."

Early in 2023, China started gradually lifting limitations after three years of strong anti-coercive measures and ended its zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19.

source: bbc.com