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China estimates 2019 GDP growth at more than 6%


Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He said that China's GDP growth in 2019 is estimated at more than 6%, according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

Kristoffer Trolle
Kristoffer Trolle
According to Liu, the main economic indicators, including employment, prices and international settlements, are in reasonable ranges.

"We remain optimistic about China’s economic operations this year, and we are even more confident in the long-term development of our country," said the Vice Premier of the State Council of China in an interview with state media.

Liu added that data for January indicate more favorable than expected economic prospects.

Official economic data will be released on Friday.

The United States and China signed a first-phase trade agreement on Wednesday.

During the signing ceremony, Liu conveyed a message from President Xi Jinping, who said the agreement was "good for China, the United States and the world."

Liu himself noted that the Chinese economy "is moving from rapid growth to quality development."

He also said that “China will continue to improve the legal environment” and “welcomes investors from all over the world” as the country continues to open its markets.

Liu said China will steadily push forward the opening of the capital account and the internationalization of the renminbi, focusing on risk aversion, the Chinese state-owned People's Daily reported.

source: www.xinhuanet.com