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China introduces American-like export control


Trade relations between China and the United States are deteriorating despite numerous meetings of the parties and attempts to reach agreement. Donald Trump prohibited American companies to working with Huawe and the Chinese authorities responded soo: earlier this month they announced that they would mark everyone who refused to work with Huawei as “unreliable”. Now, according to Chinese media, the country intends to activate a mechanism to control the export of their technologies.

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The National Development and Reform Committee of China was tasked by the Communist Party to create a "national system of control over technological security," Xinhua said in a Saturday report. The agency did not specify what exactly does this mean, but promised to provide all the details "in the near future."

According to The Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xitsin, China’s intention to “build a control mechanism that will protect the country's key technologies” is hiding behind this lengthy formulation. “This is a significant step towards improving their system, as well as a response to pressure from the United States. As soon as the system starts operating, the export of some technologies to the USA will be under the control of the authorities, ”Mr. Hu said in his Twitter account.

Control over the export of technologies that may be related to national security has long been exercised by the American authorities. It is about both digital technology and military developments or dual-use technologies. In China, there is still no such mechanism. The first bill that could become the basis for the introduction of such a mechanism was developed by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China two years ago. In March, the preparation of the bill was discussed at the All-China People’s Assembly. Now, it seems, the legislative basis for the introduction of state control over the sale of technology abroad is ready.

source: xinhuanet.com