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China protests to US over COVID origin report


China strongly protests to the U.S. over the publication of the COVID-19 origin report by U.S. intelligence agencies, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Fahad Kaizer/UN Women
Fahad Kaizer/UN Women
The Chinese foreign minister called on Washington to stop politicizing the origin of COVID-19. He said that politicization of the issue was "a legacy of the previous US administration," and the sooner the US gave it up, the sooner it would get out of its impasse.

Earlier, U.S. intelligence published a report on the origin of the coronavirus. U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that the coronavirus was not created as a biological weapon.

At the same time the participants of the investigation could not come to a common opinion, two versions of the origin of coronavirus are considered as possible: natural contact with an infected animal and an incident that occurred in the laboratory.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden accused China of withholding critical information about the origin of the coronavirus and promised that he would not rest until he got answers. In May of this year, the White House issued a release according to which the version that the coronavirus was spread due to an accident in a scientific laboratory has not yet been ruled out.

source: cnbc.com