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China's GDP adds 5.2 percent in 2023


The gross domestic product (GDP) of China increased by 5.2 percent in 2023 compared to the official estimate, according to figures released by the State Statistics Bureau on Wednesday.

Gary Lerude
Gary Lerude
"According to preliminary data, China's GDP for the three quarters of 2023 totaled 126.058 trillion yuan ($17.698 trillion), up 5.2 percent year-on-year," the agency stated in its report.

China's GDP growth in 2023 was predicted by the official estimate to be roughly 5%. Experts were more upbeat about the nation's economic growth at the same time.

China's economic growth rate may possibly approach 6%, according to Chen Fengying, the former head of the Center for World Economy at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. She claimed that because the predicted numbers were not met the previous year, the government did not want to disclose a figure that was too high and instead included 5% in the prediction.

source: reuters.com