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China to lift quarantine in Wuhan on April 8


From April 8, China will cancel the quarantine regime in Wuhan, from where the coronavirus began to spread in the world. Starting from this date, authorities will allow travelling to the city again, and residents will be able to travel outside of Wuhan and the entire Hubei province. Last week, the region reported no new cases.

The administration of Hubei Province announced that restrictions on travel to and from Wuhan will be lifted fro on April 8. The statement reads that restrictions on entry and exit from the province, with the exception of Wuhan, have been removed since March 25. To move around the region, residents will need the so-called green health code, that is, confirmation that they are healthy. This is the only medical document that people will need.

Allowing trips to Hubei and Wuhan means the removal of the strict quarantine that was introduced in the region and the city due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Bloomberg explains. Easing restrictions followed shortly after the province reported on March 19 that there were no new cases of coronavirus infection. This is an “impressive” fall from the highest point of the epidemic, the agency said. The total number of people infected in China exceeds 80,000, more than 3,200 died. By March 24, 90% of all patients recovered, said the State Committee on Health of China.

The strict quarantine regime was introduced in Hubei and Wuhan on January 23. Some 60 million people were affected by the restrictions. Air and rail transportation to the city was banned, and road communication was closed. It was impossible to gather in groups of several people, residents were ordered to stay at home. Measures began to weaken last week: provincial authorities allowed some residents of the least-risk areas to leave the region for work.

source: bloomberg.com