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China will impose sanctions in response to Trump's decree on Hong Kong


The Chinese government condemned adoption of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act by the United States and intends to impose sanctions on some Americans and businesses. Such a statement was published on the website of the PRC Foreign Ministry.

It is noted that China "to protect its legitimate interests, will take the necessary retaliatory measures and impose sanctions against US citizens and American organizations related to this (adoption of the law)."

Beijing calls on Washington to "correct its mistakes and not enforce the so-called Hong Kong Autonomy Act, as well as stop any interference in China’s internal affairs, including Hong Kong’s affairs."

“If the United States stands its ground, China will definitely give a decisive answer,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Recall that earlier, US President Donald Trump said that he signed the law and a presidential decree on holding China accountable for actions in relation to Hong Kong.

“Today I signed the law and the presidential decree on holding China accountable for its actions to put pressure on the people of Hong Kong,” the American leader said.

He explained that Hong Kong’s autonomy law had already received support from both houses of the US Congress.

source: reuters.com