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‘Coronavirus Recovery’ Fund Needed For Britain’s Climate Goal: CCC Advisers


The advisers of climate change committee’s report found Britain’s policies on climate change falling “well short”.

The climate advisers of British government have come out with a report wherein they mentioned that the government needs to make use of the fund from “coronavirus recovery plan” for meeting various climate goals like “accelerating a phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars by 2032 and making homes more energy efficient”.
The above mentioned recommendations were part of the committee’s annual report about Britain performance on “meeting climate goals” which showed that the policies of the country were still falling “well short”. According to Reuters:
“Britain last year became the first G7 country to announce plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050, which will require wholesale changes in the way Britons travel, generate electricity and manage their housing stock”.
However, as the target was decided, economies around the world have been facing the economic blows caused by the coronavirus pandemic and are coming out with “recovery packages”. There are expectations that Britain too will present its stimulus package sometimes later in the year. In an address to press, the Chairperson of the “Committee on Climate Change”, John Gummer was quoted saying:
“If we are to emerge successfully from COVID 19 there is only one route, and that route is one which enables us also to fight climate change”.
However, Britain has made a significant reduction in its emissions in its electricity sector, as a result of increased “renewable power generation” and closure of coal plants, although it needs to still work on other sectors such as “homes, transport and agriculture”. As per CCC’s recommendations, reported Reuters:
“A target to phase out new petrol and diesel cars should be brought forward to 2032 from 2040 currently, with money ploughed into electric vehicle charging and incentives to encourage people buy low-carbon cars”.
Another way to raise money would be to increase fossil fuel tax on transportation, while CCC is also of the opinion that the country should start some schemes for creating more “energy efficient” homes besides promoting “low carbon technology” such as heat pumps which will also “create jobs and help spur economic recovery”.