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Countries On Huawei Technology Systems Won’t Be On U.S. Partner List


Pompeo of the U.S. cited security reasons to highlight the risk involved in using Huawei systems and announced the requirement for countries to end up the U.S. partner list.

Source: en.wikipedia.org; This image is under PDM;
Source: en.wikipedia.org; This image is under PDM;
Last week, the “Secretary of State”, in the U.S., Mike Pompeo’s statement gave out a warning that the United States will not be either partnering or sharing information with any countries that go to adopt “Huawei Technologies Co Ltd systems”. The reason behind this announcement has arisen due to security concerns.
Pompeo talked during an interview on “Fox Business Network”, whereby stating that there is a need for the European countries and others to comprehend the risks involved in implementing the telecommunications equipment of Huawei, besides “when they did, they would ultimately not use the company’s systems”.