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DHL Partners With Austrian Group For Efficient Parcel Delivery


The partnership between Austrian Post and DHL could materialise within a few months’ time.

In attempt to make the Austrian parcel delivery services “more efficient”, two companies, namely “Deutsche Post DHL Group and Austrian Post”, have together in a “long-term” partnership.
The Austrian Post is likely to turn into a “delivery partner” for the “German group in Austria”, whereby it will take on the “Deutsche Post DHL Group employees there” besides “a majority of its Austrian logistics facilities”. However, no value of the deal has been provided.
From last year onwards, in an attempt to better manage the inflating cost of transport and staff, Deutsche Post launched itself on the task of “restructuring its parcel delivery division”. In Australia, the DHL unit has two hundred twenty employees under it across twenty five locations, which last year alone carried out a total of “27.6 million” parcels’ delivery. The information was provided by a spokesperson of the Austrian post, who also revealed that no job slash is on the card.
Forty percent of the parcel market in Austria is under Austrian Post while the DHL of Deutsche Post holds of only percent, reveals Branchenradar, a “market research firm”. Through this deal, the Austrian group, which is “majority state-owned”, could achieve its 2022 “delivery target of 150 million parcels” before the decided time frame. It was transported “108 million items last year”.
The groups further reported that if the “competition authorities” clears this deal, the companies would launch their cooperative effort within a few months’ time. The Deutsche Post liaised with Austrian Post for years in delivering the parcels sent by the customers via Austrian Post to German recipients.