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Daniel Dezeuze: Eternally Questioning Painting


In his studio in Sète the 79-year-old French artist, a founding member of the Supports/Surfaces group, looks back on his complex career and a philosophy that endlessly questions painting and its future.

by Virginie Chuimer-Layen

Meeting Daniel Dezeuze is rather like having a date with the history of art. We are talking of the 1970-1972 period, when the artist from Alès, who moved to Sète (southern France) in 1978, worked in Paris with Claude Viallat  and Patrick Saytour, among other colleagues, in shaping the Supports/Surfaces movement . A short way from Pierre Soulages ' studio-house on Mont Saint-Clair, his home with its splendid Mediterranean garden commands a dizzying view of the sea. Read more