Daily Management Review

Deliveries of AR/VR devices to grow by 54% in 2019


In 2019, global shipments of augmented and virtual reality devices (AR/VR) will increase by 54.1% and reach 8.9 million units, IDC analysts forecast. In the next five years, the market will continue to move upward: the supply of AR/VR headsets will increase by an average of 66.7% and is expected to reach 68.6 million units by 2023.

If we consider only VR segment, then the sales will reach 36.7 million units by 2023. The average annual growth rate in the category under consideration will make up 46.7% in the period from 2019 to 2023.

According to researchers, stand-alone VR devices will be the most popular: in 5 years they will account for 59% of the total shipments. VR-headset with reference to a computer or a gaming console (Tethered VR) will take in the supply of 37.4%, and the remaining devices will be classified as Screenless Viewers (models that do not have their own screen and use display of the smartphone).

In the sector of augmented reality headsets, sales in 2023 will be at the level of 31.9 million units, and the growth rate will reach 140.9%. The stand-alone devices will have 55.3% and helmets with connection to an external computing node will get 44.3%. 

Further development of the market will be promoted by new models from Oculus, HTC, Microsoft and others. Also, Qualcomm will contribute, the new chips of which will allow manufacturers to improve gadgets and expand their capabilities. 

IDC estimates that about two-thirds of all AR/VR headsets manufactured will be in the commercial segment. Scenarios for the use of devices will be very diverse: from the use of AR/VR technologies for training, training and the provision of services to retail sales and design.