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DomeSaw: A Pioneering Tool To Heal Bone Deformities


Szanto’s invention will change the future of animals and children with bone deformities.

Zsigmond Szanto set out to find out “the sphere” capable of cutting through bones whereby generating least heat and bone-dust. It would be a tool which could tremendously help surgeons to operate on “complex deformities”. The concept existed in theory therefore Szanto began exploring its practical possibilities. He said:

“I was sure something like that existed in our world. I bet you there is something at Home Depot you can buy.”
Consequently, he modeled a “melon baller or an ice cream scoop” like instrument although the science that went behind in designing the same isn’t all that simple. Szanto completed the task in twelve long years, whereby he came up the final finish touch to his ideas. His tool would replace the misnomer dome osteotomy which in literal sense means “cutting of the bone.” However, normally the term refers to any bone that “act like a hinge joint”. Moreover, he also sought to replace “straight wedge cut” as after replacement the bones get shorter.
He then experimented with towel rod spheres and came up with the present design of DomeSaw which can be availed in “four sizes”. Furthermore, he informs that:

“The beauty of it is that it looks simple. It’s a scoop, but it has to have perfect dimensions. The edge has to be able to cut bone and be perfectly spherical.”
Szanto a vet by profession and owns Twin Falls Veterinary Clinic & Hospital wherein he also holds the post of medical director. The Patent Office of the U.S has recognized Szanto’s invention and awarded him with four patents, namely:

The Spherical Osteotomy Method, the DomeSaw device, the 3-Dimensional surgical planning method and the DomeSaw device design.

In fact Szanto also received the recognition from European Patent Office for the DomeSaw device and the “Spherical Osteotomy Method”, whereby he adds:

“You can look at it and say, ‘What’s the big deal?’ It’s big. It allows the bone to be maneuvered into position. Bone to bone contact is minimal with other tools. The cut is like a universal joint.”
Fitzpatrick presented the invention of Szanto at the conference which he himself used during a couple of animal surgeries. He comments:

“If we cut a deformed bone with a straight saw the ends do not match – with a dome saw you can cut a deformed bone and rotate it like a ball and socket. I have been actively involved in calculating how to best use this blade with reference to mathematical modelling of deformed bones – it makes procedures easier by giving the surgeon more control of how the segments of bone move after cutting with the saw – this allows a superior functional, anatomical and cosmetic result.”
Szanto continues to help his patients with his invention, whereby he will be operation a Corgi with a limp, the owner of the respective dog said:

“Corgi’s are already known for their back problems and a limp will accelerate that. My grandmother recommended the clinic and I had no idea that this was a technique he pioneered and I thought that was really cool. I didn’t even realize that it was something that hadn’t been done before.”
In fact, children with similar bone deformities also can benefit from Szanto’s invention.

Twin Falls Times-News 

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