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Donald Trump Paid Tribute to Kim Jong-un


Billionaire Donald Trump, running for president of the United States, praised the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un. During his Saturday speech, the businessman said that the North Korean dictator "is to pay tribute" for the way he took over management of the country and did not hesitate to execute his own uncle.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
Billionaire Donald Trump believes that Americans should "pay tribute" to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the way he runs his country. During his speech on Saturday, the billionaire, running for the US presidency, praised the North Korean leader for his determination as such a young head of state. "Look at North Korea, at this guy, he's like a maniac, right? And you have to give him credit - said Mr. Trump, speaking in the state Iowa.- How many young guys - and he was 25-26 years old when his father died - are ready to take the lead from these harsh generals ...".

According to the American businessman, the way Kim Jong-un leads the country proves that he was not joking, and then the US should not play games with him. "He neutralized his own uncle, neutralized one, another. This guy does not play games. And the United States should not play games with him. Because he really has rockets. And really has nuclear weapons "- said Donald Trump.

The test of the hydrogen bomb allegedly carried by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Jan. 6 caused a relatively small earthquake in the area of the North Korean test site Pung-ri and large - in international politics. The UN Security Council is preparing to adopt a new, fifth in a row resolution against the DPRK, despite the fact that experts have not confirmed the fact of a hydrogen bomb explosion. The United States sent B52 bombers to the area of the Korean peninsula, South Korea resumed propaganda broadcast on the border with North Korea, and Japan took on the task to convince Russia and China to take resolutions tough as much as possible.

As the Japanese agency Kyodo News reports, on January 9, the streets of Pyongyang were decorated with traditional slogans glorifying success of the army and military industry: "Let’s push the overall promotion with energy of successful hydrogen bomb test this year!" The North Korean newspaper "Rodong Sinmun" said in an article that "with successfully test reduced to dust aggressive machinations of the enemies and acquired a powerful military force capable of protecting the sovereignty of the people and peace on the Korean peninsula."

However, a number of experts and organizations have already expressed doubts about capacity of the military forces of the DPRK. Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Lassina Zerbo wrote in his microblog on Twitter that North Korea probably exploded not a hydrogen but nuclear bomb power, whose charge was increased by additional isotopes.

Unusually low levels of xenon in the atmosphere (the gas formed by the reaction of nuclear fission) was confirmed by South Korean and Japanese monitoring station, which fixed gains after North Korea test in 2006, 2009 and 2013. In addition, the CTBTO lowered magnitude of the earthquake caused by the explosion from 5.1 to 4.85 points, which makes it weaker than a nuclear test conducted in North Korea 2009 (4.9 points). All of this calls into question the very nature of the test: it is likely that no hydrogen, but the usual atomic bomb or even a large amount of TNT was blown up.

source: telegraph.co.uk

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