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Dozens of British Airways flights canceled or delayed due to computer malfunction


A major malfunction occurred on Wednesday morning in the British Airways computer system, British media reported.

According to them, as a result of malfunctions, dozens of flights in Europe were canceled or delayed, mainly at London airports. In total, the failure affected several thousand passengers. Long lines lined up at check-in counters at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

The airline apologized for the inconvenience and urged passengers to rebook tickets if possible. "We had some problems this morning, they affected the terminals and check-in counters, as well as the flights," according to the official website of British Airways.

"Some flights continue to be carried out (according to the schedule), but we recommend that our customers check the information on the site before arriving at the airport," the airlines added.

Media noted that this is the third major malfunction in the British Airways computer system in the past two years.

source: bbc.com

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Dozens of British Airways flights canceled or delayed due to computer malfunction

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