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Dream Of Immortality Can Be Realised By 2045


Genetic engineers inform that the realm of science is closer than ever to discovering the secret key to immortality, while tech giants collaborating with medical science are already researching to reverse ageing process besides finding cure for terminal illnesses.

Down the line of next twenty seven years, we will not only be also reverse the process of aging but also make death “optional”, informed “two genetic engineers” during their new book launch in Barcelona.
José Luis Cordeiro is born in Venezuela in a Spanish family, while David Wood is a mathematician in Cambridge who has founded the “operating system 'Symbian'”. The duo has recently published “The Death of Death”, whereby claiming that the concept of immortality is very within grasp, while the “scientific possibility” of it may be realised “much earlier than originally thought”.
Once the dream becomes a reality, only accidental deaths will occur while natural cause of death or even death due to any illness will eradicated by the year of 2045. Furthermore, both the authors have urged that old age needs to under the classification of ‘illness’ so that researches that are funded by public can delve into it to find a “cure”.
The key to break the old age code is nanotechnology, while other “new genetic manipulation techniques” also exit, informed the engineers during a presentation in Equestrian Circle, at Barcelona. The process of reversing old age effect will require healing “'bad' genes into healthy ones”, removing “dead cells”, restoring “damaged cells”, improving stem cell treatment and printing of 3D vital organs.
Cordeiro is from MIT, USA, who claimed that he chose “not to die”. Furthermore, he also stated that in next thirty years’ time he will appear “younger than he is today”. Telomeres present in our chromosomes are responsible for the ageing process. Every cells of our body possess them in 23 pairs, reproductory and red blood cells being the only exception. With time, they become shorter as we grow older, therefore in order to reverse the ageing mechanism the telomeres will have to be lengthened.
The shortening process of telomeres is hastened with the consumption of alcohol, smoking or even by inhaling polluted air. According to both the engineers, with a decade cure to cancer will be found. Moreover, major tech cooperation with the field of medicine, such seen in the case of Google is a result as the former have begun “to realise that curing ageing is possible”.
Reports say that Microsoft has already has announcements of “cryopreservation centre” set up, wherein a scientist is working to bring forth a cure of cancer within the next ten years. Furthermore, both the engineers explained that most people are oblivious to the fact that as early as in 1951, cancer cells were found to be immortal. In a case of cervical cancer, Henrietta Lacks died, following which the surgeons preserved the tumour cells and till date they are “alive”.
However, they also clarified that immortality will not necessarily result in an over-crowded planet, for they think that the earth can still harbour “more people”, while people, these days, have less children in comparison to “past decades and centuries”. In fact, by the time science finds the key to immortality, “it will be possible to live in space by then”. In Cordeiro’s words:
“Japan and the Koreas, if they continue with their current trend of hardly having any children, will become extinct – within two centuries, there'll be no Japanese or Korean people on the planet”.
“But thanks to these new techniques, there will indeed be Japanese and Korean people, because they'll live forever and remain young.”
Talking about the cost, Cordeiro added:
“At first, it'll be expensive, but with a competitive market the price will gradually fall because it'll be something that benefits everyone”.
“Technology, when it's new, is poor and extremely expensive, but it eventually becomes democratic and mainstream and becomes cheaper.”
The scientists also informed they have already begun using their technique in Colombia as the country has “fewer regulations covering genetic manipulation”. Their first human patient is Elisabeth Parrish. She began seeing “symptoms of ageing and asked what could be done to prevent it”. The duo confirmed that the said treatment is “very risky and even illegal”. However, at the moment, the experiment is “going well” and there is no “adverse side-effects”, while telomeres’ level present in her blood stream is “20 years younger than before”.
While, Wood expressed his wish of Spain adapting to these technologies, as he added:
“I want Spain to have a place in the world of these technologies and show that we're not mad, it's just that people still don't know about them”.