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EC fines Mondelez €337.5m for interfering with cross-border trade


American Mondelez International Inc. has been penalized €337.5 million by the European Commission for breaking competition laws. According to a news release from the watchdog, the EC believes that the business obstructed cross-border trading of its goods within the European Union.

Adam Kerfoot-Roberts
Adam Kerfoot-Roberts
Mondelez owns various brands, including Oreo, Cadbury, Milka, Toblerone, and others.

"We discovered that the business was forcibly preventing shops from buying its goods in EU nations where the cost was lower. This allowed it to keep prices higher, harming consumers who ended up paying more for chocolate, cookies, and coffee," the EC stated.

On Thursday, Mondelez said that it has consented to resolve the claims made by the EU authority. The business put money aside for potential settlements in the litigation.

source: bloomberg.com