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EU Agreement On A Single Mobile Charging Port Is Expected On June 7


EU Agreement On A Single Mobile Charging Port Is Expected On June 7
Governments of the European Union and parliamentarians of the bloc are poised to agree on a standard charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and headphones in a meeting on June 7 when they get together to debate a plan that has been heavily criticised by Apple, according to a report published by news agency Reuters.
The European Commission first proposed the idea of specific electronics devices mentioned above to carry just a single mobile charging connector and this idea was agreed to be the commission more than a decade ago, when iPhone and Android users had submitted complaints about having to use various types of chargers for phones form different companies.
The iPhone is powered by a Lightning wire, while USB-C ports are used for providing power for Android devices.
The trilogue whch is set to take place next Tuesday will be the second and most likely final one between EU countries and EU parliamentarians on the subject, indicating a tremendous effort to reach an agreement, according to the individuals.
Unresolved concerns include widening the scope of the proposal to include laptops, a crucial demand by EU lawmakers that is expected to affect Samsung, Huawei, and other device makers, according to the people.
In addition, EU legislators want wireless charging systems to be standardised by 2025, but EU countries and the Commission prefer a longer lead-in period for technological reasons.
There was no comment available on the issue from Apple.
Apple has previously stated that the improper use of outmoded international standards stifles innovation and that forcing consumers to switch to new chargers could result in a mountain of technological waste.