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EU Commissioner McGuinness: EU preparing to impose 11th sanctions package against Russia


Member of the European Commission (EC) for services and financial stability Mairead McGuinness said that the EU is working on its eleventh set of anti-Russian measures. She affirmed that it would be intended to counter attempts to get around existing limits.

European Parliament
European Parliament
The final decision will also other punishments, she said, without going into further detail. "Europe has implemented 10 sets of sanctions. A second bundle is in the works," Ms. McGuinness told CNBC.

She added that the EU is collaborating with the US, UK, Canada, and Japan to ensure that sanctions are applied correctly "and to gather intelligence on attempts to evade" adherence to the rules. Do not underestimate what Russia and its allies will do to get over our sanctions, the Commissioner warned.

Politico reports that the EU will talk about the eleventh set of sanctions on Russia next week. They can be introduced by the end of April, per permission from the European Parliament. Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, stated in late March that Europe was growing weary of enforcing sanctions against Russia. Robert Habeck, the vice chancellor of Germany, argued for a stronger approach to the issue of sanctions evasion.

source: politico.com