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EU accuses Google of abusing dominant position in advertising market


The EU charged Google with exploiting its monopoly status in the online advertising industry.

Google was charged by the European Commission for violating EU antitrust laws by exploiting its monopoly status in the online advertising market, said the European Commission.

The authroity viewed Google's preference for its own technology over that of other internet advertising companies as a breach. The European Commission said that Google, in particular, learned about rivals' top bids during ad auctions held on its DTF website, allowing its AdX service to make superior offers.

According to the European Commission, Google selling a portion of its advertising business will assist to improve the situation. With its ad service for publishers and ad buying tools, Google is active on both ends of the industry and controls both. The business also runs the biggest ad exchange. There is a conflict of interest as a result. The study stated that the Commission's initial finding was that the only way to address competition issues would be for Google to be required to sell some of its services.

source: ec.europa.eu